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The best colored pencils for Mandalas


Whether you are wanting to color Mandala pages/books or coloring books you will need a good set of pencils for the best result.

Pencils are certainly not all the same. There are many pencil brands with vastly different quality and price tag.

When starting out coloring, it’s best to start out with a relatively smaller set with a middle range quality and price tag to ensure it’s a hobby you will persist with. The price of the premium pencils will scare off anyone new to coloring but once addicted it’s easy to justify the price.

So which pencils can I buy?

Avoid the really cheap sets as they will always be pale, break and have poor color coverage. Good pencil brands to start with are Faber-Castell (not the cheap variants), Derwent, Lyra and Prismacolor.

So which pencils should I buy?

Prismacolor. No doubt I think these are the best value for money pencils you can buy. They are soft on the page, don't break easily, have great colors and coverage and don't splinter. You can pickup a set of 48 for $40 to $50 USD and you will not look back. Trust me!