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How coloring helps your mental health


It will be of no surprise to anyone that in this day and age, switching off technology has become increasingly difficult. We have found our lives have become increasingly busy. Some of this can be attributed to technology making us constantly connected but we also have much more complicated lives than years gone by.

The time is now where we need to look after ourselves both physically and mentally. We can look after ourselves physically by eating the right foods, exercising and getting plenty of sleep. The physical ways to look after yourself seem obvious and drilled into us by todays media. Looking after yourself mentally seems much more complex, not so obvious and not talked about in the mainstream.

One of the best ways to look after yourself mentally is by checking out of the day-to-day struggles. You need to switch off your mind from that Facebook status, money troubles and what you're having for dinner. It sounds simple and obvious now it has been said, but very few people practice this in their daily routine.

One of the best ways we have found is coloring (or colouring in some places). We have found that by picking colors and concentrating on the task of completing something that the outside gets blocked out and forgotten, albeit temporarily. By checking out in your daily routine, we have found that someones mental health, happiness and mood can be greatly improved.